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Unable to load deck in AC

Hi all,


I am having trouble loading a deck in AC. The entire deck are JPEGS. One slide will not load, it comes up blank. I added a new slide, typed out the content, took a screenshot and added it, and I still get a message saying AC does not accept certain fonts.

ANY ideas for me????

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  • Hi Shanna,

    How annoying! I assume you are doing the whole deck as jpegs to that you keep the custom or non-standard font you are using? That's a good technique. 

    Another technique which might be less work and may (or may not!) fix the problem you are having is in this community thread. The main point being "If you haven't something where you want a particular look with the font, copy the text box, then paste it as an image and it will convert fine."


    Anyone any other tips or suggestions?

    how do I stop Connect changing fonts?
    Hi all, I'm using Adobe Connect and it's changing my slide fonts. How do I stop it doing that? ta!
  • Thank you Jo! I will check out the thread. Really appreciate your help :-)



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