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Google Meet

HI Lightbulbers - Happy New Year!

Having very happily been using Zoom as a trainer for the last two years I am being thrown into the world of Google Meet. From what I can tell, it's not as interactive  - there's no annotate function, for example, and it seems harder to see your participants. Is that your experience or am I missing something? Any tips very welcome! Thanks Cath

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  • Hi Cath and Happy New Year!

    I'm less familiar with Good Meet, but agree with what you are saying. I think you might be using more external tools: Padlet, Aha Slides, Mural, Miro or Jamboard, which is a Google product so probably would work really well. 

    I'm all for making the best of the tools you have, but there might also be scope for changing to a better tool at some point too. 

    Let us know what you find and how you get on. 

    • Thanks Jo! I'm not familiar with Aha slides or Mural so will dive into them. 

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