Lightbulb Moment Community Code of Conduct

As part of any community or gathering where multiple people, cultures, thoughts, ideas and opinions will end up meeting together we require some rules and guides to make sure everyone can enjoy a safe place that does what it sets out to achieve.

The goals of this Community:

Expand knowledge, thoughts and ideas on webinars, virtual classrooms and all things live online learning for all its members, in a welcoming and safe environment.

Rules and guidelines:

Keep your language clean. We want everyone to feel safe and surrounded by friendly Community members, therefore it is imperative you adhere to the below point.

1) No swearing, profanity, racial slurs or derogatory terms to be used at any point or in any context

We love a spirited a debate and want to see many different angles of any ideas, thoughts and opinions. We all learn much better when there is open conversation and debate! That being said, debate on the internet can get out of hand quite quickly and we require you to follow the below guideline.

2) Treat members of this Community with respect at all times, no attacking of any member personally and to always keep in mind point one when making a comment or responding to a comment

We want you to share ideas, thoughts and information that you feel will help the Community. Your successes, failures, learnings and so on. What we don’t want is a Community filled with advertisements, promotional posts and shameless links to your own services and products. You must adhere to the following rule.

3) You are not allowed to promote, share links or comment about services or products that you are directly connected to and have a vested interest in making sure others buy

  1. You are allowed to: share content that provides beneficial and informative free content

  2. You are allowed to: share links to services and products that you do not directly or indirectly benefit from

4) You are not allowed to offer your services or promote services you provide in the Community via, creating posts, commenting on posts or direct messages

  1. You are allowed to: post offers of freelance, outsource or contract work that you can provide, as long as you include your contact details for direct communication outside of the Community

Any breach from these rules and guidelines will be reviewed and the following potential actions taken:

  • Edit to your post
  • Removal of your post
  • Suspension of your account
  • Removal and banning of your account

This code of conduct may be updated as the Community grows and your continued use means you are following these changes.

This code of conduct is in addition to the Terms of Service.

If you use any of the content here elsewhere, please reference the person and the community as it’s polite and we can build our group even more.

If you think that there has been any copyright issue or other challenges you can email