Live online learning free resources

This report from Jo Cook and Jane Daly is about the human focus in virtual and hybrid learning


This case study from Jo Cook and Laura Overton is about redesigning hybrid conferences


Effective virtual classrooms: an evidence review - for the CIPD. Quoted on evidence-based insight and practical recommendations for facilitating interactive online learning

Continuous Improvement for Virtual Training in Today’s Business Climate - contribution to this Learning Guild paper (free membership needed for download)

A crash course in creating your most engaging virtual classroom - for Adobe


Interviews with Jo

The biggest points missed when delivering online training for your workforce - Speexx - Jo unpicks the virtual classroom experience and reveals what L&D must do to deliver effective live online learning.

Skills HR will need in 2021: Delivering classroom training online - People Management

Accelerating Change in HR & L&D with Jo Cook

Leading edge interview Jo Cook - Emerald Insights website or PDF version