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Running an (un)conference live online

In New Zealand an organisation ran an unconference (where the agenda isn't pre-set and is built by the attendees on the day). They shared a great amount of their learning about the organisation, communication and technology. There's a big PDF (with lots of resources in it) and an hour long video of their learning: Thanks to Laura Watkin for sharing this on a team I'm on for planning a virtual unconference later this year (more on that as it comes…

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70:20:10 Webinar Design - towards a 360* fishbowl discussion model

Hello fellow Webinerds - Please see my blended learning research at https://abasiel.wordpress.comI have been doing R&D on webinar design with a focus on a Socratic discussion model. Please see: figures may be of interest:And a sample 360* video you can click and drag to see around the room:

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