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Who been using my Adobe?

Hello all.Not so much who's been using it (not going all red riding hood here) but who is using it when they should not be.I now have to manage vc licences over a number of teams and keep getting max usage message.I know this is because someone is still logged in/forgot to log out but who is the question?Does anyone know if there is a quick and easy way to figure out who is logged in at that exact same moment and can I kick them out (in nice way) if needed?Best regards Rich

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Training Journal reflection - including webinar debrief

Hello all, Many of you know that I have stepped down as Deputy Editor of Training Journal, so that I can concentrate on Lightbulb Moment work! You can read more about me leaving here, and look at this tweet if you would like a whole year of the digital magazine for free! On Monday 9th at 3pm GMT I'm going to be discussion reflections on my time at TJ with Brent Schlenker on his Learn Train webcast.  I'm sure we will cover all sorts of things, including why I started, and how I knew it was time…

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