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What makes you think about ID?

What did you experience this weekend or this week that made you think about instructional design? I thought this was a great question from Brent Schlenker on his American community The Learn Train and made me think about this: I played a game (Western Legends) which had a LOT of things going on, so that's interesting about learning the rules, using the parts and the cheat sheets - what's intuitive, what isn't, how things are summarise and explained, the graphics and what they mean etc. And then…

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Coming soon to a computer near you... Adobe Connect 12

Exciting times in virtual platforms! I've just seen this on LinkedIn: Obviously there will be updates in video and audio and a lot of the tech stuff. I'm looking forward to the video updates as Adobe really are the master of the virtual classroom platform.  I'm really hoping they bring back the colours for the "green tick/check and red X/cross", I miss that! What do you hope for Adobe Connect 12?

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Does virtual reduce creativity? Research link.

Hello everyone,I get emails from Learning Science Weekly which always has something relevant and interesting.This week it was about creativity and virtual communication. The finding was that pairs of people coming up with ideas virtually generated less ideas overall, but that the quality of ideas is still as good.I've reflected on the detail a lot - about narrow focus of the screen and the quality elements too. I've decided to encourage people to brainstorm with cameras off, so that they can…

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