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Adobe Connect 11!

It's here! Adobe Connect, the latest version has been launched, and it's packed full of new features and improved underlying technology.  If you are a Connect user, or if you have found Connect to be a little clunky in the past, this upgrade is for you. Not only is Flash a thing of the past, there are new features in Connect too - such as rotating people in breakouts and locking layouts so people can't move your pods! Adobe have all sorts of information to help you out, including: Webinar with…

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Attendee thrown out of Break-out room

Hi!I was producing for Adobe Connect, Session 2,  and had a participant who was immediately thrown out of his breakout room. Repeatedly, though he shut down his VPN and all other apps.He had no issues for the  first session, nor the first breakout of the second session. But he was instantly thrown out of breakout room 2, the 2nd session. \Any thoughts/ideas/solutions? 

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