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Using AI to 'maintain' eye contact on a video conference or webcam recording - with Nvidia Broadcast

A common question we get is one about maintaining eye contact with the webcam when facilitating live online learning. Now Nvidia have their application that uses artificial intelligence in order to do that for you. Yes, you can look away, but the software edits your eye movement to still be looking down the lens at your audience.  What's it good for? Social connection and being able to check chat or your notes without people feeling you are ignoring them.    What's it bad for? Developing the…

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Google Meet

HI Lightbulbers - Happy New Year!Having very happily been using Zoom as a trainer for the last two years I am being thrown into the world of Google Meet. From what I can tell, it's not as interactive  - there's no annotate function, for example, and it seems harder to see your participants. Is that your experience or am I missing something? Any tips very welcome! Thanks Cath

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Tips to Get Yourself Motivated to Study - Even When You're Not Motivated to Study

If you're looking for a little motivation to get you through those long hours of studying, you've come to the right place. There are some tricks of the trade to help you stay focused, so you'll be able to complete your tasks and keep your grades up. Taking a few minutes to implement a few of these tips may be the key to getting you to study, even when you don't want to.The first thing you should do is write down your reasons for studying. For instance, you may have a career goal in mind.…

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Early participation in online learning activities is significantly correlated with student final performance

Hi everyoneFound this research article - Does the early bird catch the worm? A large-scale examination of the effects of early participation in online learning It's more about online courses as a whole but i thought that we could apply that to virtual too!

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1 Reply · Reply by Jo Cook Dec 15, 2022