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Adding Interactivity to Lobby Times in Adobe Connect

Hi everyone,In last week's Adobe Connect Office Hour, we discussed various ideas for lobby layouts. Using the new InFrame Pod for Adobe Connect, you can now add interactivity to either waiting times before a session starts or to breaks.I offered to write a blog post in English with a list of links that you can use with that custom pod. You can find it at  The link list is set up as an H5P element so that you can either…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jo Cook May 13

Teams virtual background issue

Hi everyone,I have a problem with the virtual backgrounds in Teams. I'm using the desktop program on my windows computer.When I go to change my virtual background I see loads of options but I'd like to add more of my own, but i am limited to about 20 or so. Because of the different projects and clients I work with I'd like to add more, but I can't see how to delete old ones or the standard ones I don't want to use.Any advice please?

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2 Replies · Reply by Jo Cook May 4

Avoiding learners having to register twice in Zoom

Hi All,I have a question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere! Hoping someone here might have had a similar experience:We ask our learners to register through a separate platform from Zoom. Once they register, they get the Zoom link. On the day of the session, when they use the link, they are taken to a Zoom registration page. We are trying to avoid having to have them register twice,We looked into authentification in Zoom, but it looks like everyone would need a Zoom account, and many of…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jo Cook May 3