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Producer documents to assist in delivery

When I work as a producer for Lightbulb Moment I always have some documents to help assist me whilst live and in the flow. Producer document Common questions document Producer document I always have this open on my second screen or if I only have one screen, ready to 'Alt-Tab' to. It is effectively multiple tables in Word. I use an icon to represent a tool or something in the platform regarding the tech, then a section that will generally explain how to use that tool or the technology. For…

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5 Replies · Reply by Dawn Sillett yesterday

Webex Meeting Questions From a Novice Webex User

Hi everyone,Webex isn't as popular over here in Germany as it is in other countries, esp. the USA. Thus, I haven't had to familiarize myself with that software until now. Now a new client wants me to do trainings in Webex Meeting, and I have tested a bit with the free version that they offer. During the tests I have come across the following issues for which I haven't been able to find an answer for:1. Is there any chance that the participants can use a Webex whiteboard in the breakout rooms?…

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4 Replies · Reply by Jo Cook 21 hours ago

Problems with Adobe Connect Standard View

Hi allWe are having problems today with AC Standard view - ie browser view.  With animated slide Adobe is loading the first animation and then skipping the rest and showing the next slide. To get to see the full slide we had to backtrack from this overshoot. Luckily I was able to log in as a cohost using the App and I could control the slides from there.Has anyone else had this issue with the standard view?Many thanks,Liz

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5 Replies · Reply by James Booth Feb 18

Designing online classroom learning

Hello!I'm wondering if anyone in the community has a handout/article/resource that covers the top tips/best practices for designing online classroom training?I'm being lazy and trying to avoid writing this myself - no point reinventing the wheel if someone's already gathered the information.If not, I'll happily write something and invite you to contribute whatever I have missed.Thank youAlly

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1 Reply · Reply by Jo Cook Feb 10