Virtual design in a post-pandemic world

Hi all!

Jo and I recently chatted a whole ton about how we changed our content during covid and especially now going forward. We identified that the whole virtual learning landscape had shifted with many learners in different positions.

This got me thinking about if any of you in the Lightbulb Community had to re-design content during or now in the post pandemic world?

Perhaps you don’t take as long explaining the tools? Maybe you have more advanced activities because yourself and the attendees are more accustomed to the technology. Are you still trying to adapt face-to-face sessions into live online sessions?

We would love to hear your thoughts because design is such an interesting topic especially right now! Also, we might do a podcast in the future about this and would love to include your comments.

Below is a podcast where Jo and I talk about our own design journey from 2020 and into 2023 with massive changes in our philosophy, to get you into a creative and reflective mindset!

Episode 52 - Designing for now and the future

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