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In light of what is going with the Corona Virus and the high demand for live online learning solutions right now, I thought I would compile a whole bunch of different resources we have to help you start your journey!

I am going to structure the different learning points to help you focus on what you need and where you are currently.

I hope this helps!


Absolute basics of live online learning

Live online learning, what are the differences between a webinar and virtual classroom? – Blog link

What is a virtual classroom? – Podcast link

Disruption Series: Getting Started with Live Online Learning – Shannon Tipton and Jo Cook - Podcast link

Tools and applications – Podcast link

Highlights video from a webinar we ran about virtual classrooms being friend or foe – Video link

Virtual classrooms friend or foe full 60-minute webinar - Video link

Basics to know before attending your first live session in Zoom and in general - Community post


Platform and hardware

Hardware setup – Podcast link

What is the best platform for me? - Podcast link

Platform choices – Podcast link

Community post about what headset to use – Community post link

Zoom bombings information - Community post link

Zoom secruity setup information - Zoom blog post

Webex tools - Sharing and presenting tools Webex blog

Zoom support page - Zoom Help center

Adobe Connect support page - Adobe Connect Support

Webex support page - Webex Help Center


Planning your first sessions

What you need to know to roll-out live online sessions - Podcast link

Virtual classroom sessions structure – Blog link

Starting sessions right with a checklist – Blog link

Starting webinars right – Podcast link 

Developing and writing your live online facilitator guide – Podcast link 

Facilitator guide free template – Blog link 

What we send to attendees before their first session – Web page link 

Designing for virtual part 1 – Podcast link 

Designing for virtual part 2 – Podcast link 

Session size and length, a look at the data - Blog post

Making the most out of your webinar, 60-Minute recorded webinar - Video link 

Planning to train your delivery team on virtual classrooms, 60-Minute recorded webinar - Video link 


Delivering your first sessions

Facilitation confidence for your first live online session - Podcast link

Dealing with issues in the moment – Podcast link

How a Producer can help you – Podcast link 

Disruption Series: Producing Live Online Learning Sessions – Podcast link

Porducer tips community post - Community post link

Developing and writing your live online facilitator guide – Podcast link 

Facilitator guide free template – Blog link 

Dealing with tech issues – Podcast link

Audio connection issues forum post in the Community - Community post link

Gaining confidence for live online delivery – Podcast link


Interaction and engagement

Short interview with Jo about engagement in virtual classrooms – Video link

Short video example of some basic interaction from Jo in a webinar – Video link

How to approach engagement in your webinars – Podcast link

Design tips for an engaging webinar – Podcast link

Short example of video of Jo talking through and engaging with the chat panel – Video link

Techniques to improve your virtual classroom delivery, 60-Minute recorded webinar - Video link

Can you really facilitate an online group? 60-minute recorded webinar - Video link


Advanced concepts

What is digital body language – Blog link 

What you need to focus on when it comes to digital body language – Blog link

Digital body language, what is it? – Podcast link

Using breakout rooms – Podcast link


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