This curated list was first created in April 2020 to help the huge amount of facilitators and designers that were shifting to live online solutions at the time.

As we create new free content it is included on this list and kept up to date to help continue your development no matter what stage of the journey you are at.

If you are not long into your virtual journey, we have an extra long podcast that we recorded at the start of Covid-19 for getting you started with virtual trainingΒ - Podcast link


Absolute basics of live online learning

Live online learning, what are the differences between a webinar and virtual classroom? – Blog link

What is a virtual classroom? – Podcast link

Disruption Series: Getting Started with Live Online Learning – Shannon Tipton and Jo Cook - Podcast link

Tools and applications – Podcast link

Basics to know before attending your first live session in Zoom and in general -Β Community post

Starting your journey into virtual classrooms -Β Podcast link

How to still connect with your virtual attendees - Podcast link


Platform and hardware

Hardware considerations for my organisation - Community post

Hardware setup – Podcast link

What is the best platform for me? - Podcast link

Platform choices – Podcast link

Community post about what headset to use – Community post link

Zoom bombings information - Community post link

Zoom secruity setup information - Zoom blog post

Webex tools - Sharing and presenting tools Webex blog

Zoom support page - Zoom Help center

Adobe Connect support page - Adobe Connect Support

Webex support page - Webex Help Center

Community post about using MS Teams -Β Community post link


Planning, design and logistics

What you need to know to roll-out live online sessions - Podcast link

Design considerations, length of sessions, how many attendees, where do I start? - Podcast link

Virtual classroom sessions structure – Blog link

Starting sessions right with a checklist – Blog link

Starting webinars right – Podcast linkΒ 

Developing and writing your live online facilitator guide – Podcast linkΒ 

Facilitator guide free template – Blog linkΒ 

What we send to attendees before their first session – Web page linkΒ 

Designing for the future - Podcast link

Designing for virtual part 1 – Podcast linkΒ 

Designing for virtual part 2 – Podcast link

Making webinar presentations engaging -Β Podcast link

Session size and length, a look at the data - Blog post

Virtual classroom data, what your attendees want and how to upskill - Podcast link

Documents to assist you when delivering - Community post link

The power of the engaged audience and how to start your sessions with best practice -Β Webinar recording link


Facilitation confidence for your first live online session - Podcast link

Creating a safe environment that fosters connection - Pocast link

Dealing with issues in the moment – Podcast link

How a Producer can help you – Podcast linkΒ 

Disruption Series: Producing Live Online Learning Sessions – Podcast link

Porducer tips community post - Community post link

Developing and writing your live online facilitator guide – Podcast linkΒ 

Facilitator guide free template – Blog linkΒ 

Dealing with tech issues – Podcast link

Audio connection issues forum post in the Community - Community post link

Gaining confidence for live online delivery – Podcast link

Focusing on the Human connection with your attendees - Podcast link

Create engaging connections for success - Webinar recording link

Introducing the Human Amplification Model for boosting audience engagement and connection - Blog link


Interaction and engagement

Short interview with Jo about engagement in virtual classrooms – Video link

Short video example of some basic interaction from Jo in a webinar – Video link

How to approach engagement in your webinars – Podcast link

Design tips for an engaging webinar – Podcast link

Short example of video of Jo talking through and engaging with the chat panel – Video link

Techniques to improve your virtual classroom delivery, 60-Minute recorded webinar -Β Video link

Can you really facilitate an online group? 60-minute recorded webinar - Video link


Advanced concepts

What is digital body language – Blog linkΒ 

What you need to focus on when it comes to digital body language – Blog link

Digital body language, what is it? – Podcast link

Using breakout rooms – Podcast link

Psychological safety in our virtual sessions: In the eye of a training storm case study - Podcast link

White papers

Through the lens of research: Amplifying human focus in virtual and hybrid learning - Download link

A journey into rethinking hybrid conferences - Download link

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  • Thanks Mike, here are some free LinkedIn Learning courses to help people:

    1. Learning Zoom – 45 minΒ 

    2. Learning BlueJeans – 1 hr 11 min

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    4. Learning Skype – 1 hr 4 min

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    Learning Zoom - Stay connected with Zoom meetings
    Learn what Zoom can do for you and what the instructor will cover in this course.
  • Great resources for online learning. Awesome list.

    I am searching for a tool that can transcribe the sessions let it be online classes, virtual classes, etc.

    I would be glad to get a suggestion for this.

    • Hi Mike, welcome to the community and thanks for the compliment!

      If you start a new question, you'll get more visibility. Do you want transcription live or for recordings, perhaps put that into the new post :D

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