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  • Hi Angela,

    Great question, lots of people have this challenge. Adobe Connect (and WebEx) convert PowerPoint slides when they are uploaded. They only use standard fonts. So it's best to use basic ones (Tahoma, Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman etc). If you haven't something where you want a particular look with teh font, copy the text box, then paste it as an image and it will convert fine. 

    Jo :D

  • This catches so many people out, you are the third person in as many days to ask about it!


    As Jo mentioned Adobe Connect 'Converts' your actual PowerPoint document into its own system, it tries as best as it can to keep it the same but if some options are not included it tries to match them as best as it can.

    Also Higlighting as Jo mentioned, saving as a picture file can help!


    • I'm going to invite three other people to this forum on the strength of this one question/answer. We may or may not have had the similar issues.......

      • <Laugh> Excellent, That's what we are here for Kevin! The more the merrier :D

  • It also does other annoying things like shift your words in say, a speech bubble so that what you uploaded might look great but in Adobe the4 formatting has gone all weird.  My fix now is to use bigger speech bubbles with lots of space surrounding the words.  

    • Great tip!

  • Hi Angela,

    I found this Adobe support document today, which might help you further:

    Common issues uploading content
  • For animations, in PowerPoint, make sure that you use animations up to 2003 version as more complicated ones won't work. 

  • Hi Angela, 

    I've just been doing some update research on this for my PowerPoint Design class. 

    Here is an update for Adobe Connect:

    And one for Webex:

    Guidelines for sharing PPTX files
    Best practices and cautions when sharing Microsoft Powerpoint presentation files in Adobe Connect meeting room.
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