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Zoom - screen setup

Hi all,

A lot of people are using Zoom for meetings and learning, and sometimes struggling to share their screen as well as see the participants and chat panel. 

This isn't the setup I use, but it's a great option if you have some kind of second screen adn especially if you use PowerPoint notes (I use a separate document for my facilitator guide instead):


Over to you

How do you setup for your screen share in Zoom?

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  • This is a good Forbes article about how to setup your Zoom screen to feel more connected with people on a call or meeting:

    Your Guide To Feeling A Human Connection With The Group In Zoom Meetings
    We're using video tools like Zoom instead of gathering to have meetings in person. But when it comes to giving presentations, too often they isolate…
  • Great little Windows hack from Dave Paradi - how to show your video in a bigger way next to your slides in Zoom and Teams - this means you don't get the tiny video window.

    Present with your video beside your PowerPoint slides in Microsoft Teams or Zoom
    I’ve had many presenters ask if they can present in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting with their video beside their PowerPoint slides so their facial…
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