Zoom pin and spotlight?


I've been using the pin and spotlight options in a Zoom room today, testing it just on my own. I really can't see the difference and don't understand when I might use one over the other.

If anyone has any explanation or advice on how I can see the difference I would be most appreciative.

Thank you

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  • Hi Bettie,

    Great question. The difference is about who is controlling, and therefore seeing, what!

    The best way to test the difference with this, and a lot of platform features, is to have another device logged in as an attendee. This way what you'll find is that "pin" is what an individual does for their own view and "spotlight" is what the host does for everyone.Ā 

    For example, if I'm attending your session I could choose to "pin" your webcam so I see it first and larger than any other attendee. You wouldn't know I've done this, nor would anyone else and no one else is affected. Likewise if you do that as the host, it's just for you.

    If you, as the host, decide to "spotlight" someone, perhaps a guest speaker, it forces everyone attending to have that person's webcam as first and largest. This is great in that example (or for yourself as a speaker). You can also add more than one person to a spotlight, so it could be you and a panel of speakers for instance. This will over ride anyone's personal pin choices.Ā 

    Hope that helps! :DĀ 

    • Hi Bettie.
      Not much to add to Jo's excellent summary, other than spotlighting can be useful when sharing slides too, to ensure the right person (or people) are seen alongside the presentation. Spotlighting both you and your guest speaker together for a quick "talking heads" type discussion is a great way to start a more formal presentation. As a participant I hate it when I'm looking at only slides from start to finish.


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