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If you've kept up to date with your Zoom desktop application, you'll know that the emoticons (green tick/check, red X, hand up etc) have moved! 

Instead of being on the participant panel, they've now moved to the bottom of the Zoom application, where the reactions are, so that everything is in one place. 


This is great from a participant perspective, as the reactions (wave, thumbs up etc) which show on your webcam/name, and the emoticons are all in the same place. They don't need the participant panel open now, which means more of the screen for chat or something else. 

From a facilitator point of view, everything is in one place, and we soon won't have to explain to open the participant panel. The tick/check, cross, slow down/speed up and raise hand icons all still function the same for us. We can still see them next to people's names on the participant panel, which is great. We can also see the reactions (wave, thumbs up etc) there too, though they disappear after a short time. 

What it might mean, is that you have to explain both options at the moment. We are going to go through a transition period where we explain the reactions/emoticons on the toolbar, and have slides ready for the participant panel option too, as it will depend on the audience having the most up to date version. 

What other tips do you have for explaining tools at the beginning of a session?


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  • As I'm fortunate to have a producer / co-host, when I introduce us both to the group, we say that they're happy to get direct messages about how to use Zoom's tools, e.g. annotations, etc. I've been asking people if they're familiar with the moved emoticons and and how to access/ use them.

    Really keen to see how others are handling this.

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