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Zoom apps and integration

Have you tried the latest Zoom features?

There are 50 new apps to pick from, ranging from survey tools to gamification. And for those of you using Mural, you can now integrate it into Zoom, has anyone tried that yet?

You can also ask Zoom to enable the new 'Add Video to Waiting Room' feature which gives you the option to add a video or your logo and a description to your pre-session screen.

Which features are you finding most useful? What other functions are on your wishlist? Let us know your thoughts.

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  •  I am desperate to get these apps  - especially ones such as Kahoot - but seem to be stuck behind an admin firewall! Trying to sort out now.....

    • Yes I've seen this comment from a few people! Hopefully you get it sorted out and can share some tips with us :D 

  •  Some of them look great, but I can see how clients may be wary of 'letting in' 3rd party apps. 

    • Yes, the nature of people having to install them client side is a drawback! Unlike Adobe Connect where it's all in the one room and under the control of the host :D

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