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Hi fellow lighbulbers

I am runnig a hybrid event (I know - I know) and the icebreaker is a "would you rather" where the in person group are going to be physically 'lining up'.  I am coming up with a blank on how to include the virtual attendees in the main room - the only idea I have ahd so far is a whiteboard with a counter with their initials on that they can move up and down which would be being shared in the big room as well.

The only alternatvie I can think of is asking them to do it as a breakout group.

I'm wondeirng if anyone has dealt with something similar?


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  • Hi Ian,

    I know what you mean about hybrid, I always advice to have two separate, usually better, sessions. However it is the way of the future and we can do them well as we all have the virtual skills to apply :D

    Which platform are you using live online, and any external tools (menti/padlet etc) - that might help us to come up with some ideas?

    You could get people to put their names on the whiteboard in a column, with the top being "Rather A" and the bottom be "Rather B" and then get them to move their names around, if your platform allows them to move text. They can do something similar in Padlet/Jamboard too. 

    I suppose another, not so fun option, might be to use a poll and then get people to add info in chat?

    • I'm with you Jo - my preference is all or nothing - but sometimes you have to bend to the stakeholders needs.  I am using MS Teams as my conferecning platform in room, and we tend to use Menti, Mural. Whiteboard etc.


      I have decided (as times of the essence) for the virtual group to do the exercise indepently as a discussion - with the in person group doing a 'line up' - its not my ideal, but its a small part of a larger session so I will make do.

  • I know a lot of people have palpitations at the thought of delegates in a classroom having devices (oh, the anarchy!), but if it's hybrid it really helps merge those two worlds.

    With whiteboards, or apps such as Kahoot or Socrative, you can get people involved in the same activity without compromising for either

    • Love this point Helen, thank you! I co-design and hosted the Speexx Exchange hybrid conference recently with Laura Overton, and we decided that most of the group questions input from physical and virtual attendees would go through Mentimeter to make it a level playing field. 

    • I am all for tech in the room - I often get people using apps and what not. 


      I had forgotten about Kahoot - I might have a quick look at that - thanks for the reminder !

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