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What do you do after a live online session?

I've just finished a learning webinar with about 60 people and, quite frankly, I feel pumped!

There was loads of interaction and conversation and great feedback on their learning points. I feel that I connected with the group as a whole and now it's finished, I'm in my office, on my own and I feel a little... lost!


How do you feel after a live online session?

What do you do?


I obviously need to make some notes on adapting/updating a few of the questions, activities and timings. But also I feel like I want to connect with people more. Luckily I have Mike for a debrief discussion.

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  • You needed a break...

    • Yes I did! That's the trouble when you have the adrenaline, you want to use it! Luckily, after a chat with Mike, I did indeed have a break :D

  • Hi Jo 

    As part of my Doctorate Research in Learning Technology Design, I developed the PAP (Pre-At-Post) Model. So you start with a taster. Have the online learning event and follow-up with an activitiy or community builder. For example, scroll down the page at https://abasiel.wordpress.com/augmentedreality/ and share what you think about the meaning of (virtual) knowledge. Some really good examples already there. 

    Or - I also use the One Minute Essay. Have a look at https://youtu.be/sIivMlFE0FM

    This is a great way to promote (brief) reflection.

    Cheers, Anthony 

    18th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL 2019 See the conference programme: Please log into the Adobe Connect meeting room as a Guest with your na…
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    • Hey this is an interesting application. I will make sure to use this for my next live sessions.

  • I will surely be updating the list of people I met and make a note of various discussions made with the people.

    Sometimes because of the excitement, we have a chance of missing some important things. So it is better to note down the meeting notes at the earliest.


    • Great point Mike about forgetting things. So easily done if we don't make notes immediately after the meeting or training session. 

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