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What do you do after a live online session?

I've just finished a learning webinar with about 60 people and, quite frankly, I feel pumped!

There was loads of interaction and conversation and great feedback on their learning points. I feel that I connected with the group as a whole and now it's finished, I'm in my office, on my own and I feel a little... lost!


How do you feel after a live online session?

What do you do?


I obviously need to make some notes on adapting/updating a few of the questions, activities and timings. But also I feel like I want to connect with people more. Luckily I have Mike for a debrief discussion.

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  • You needed a break...

    • Yes I did! That's the trouble when you have the adrenaline, you want to use it! Luckily, after a chat with Mike, I did indeed have a break :D

  • Hi Jo 

    As part of my Doctorate Research in Learning Technology Design, I developed the PAP (Pre-At-Post) Model. So you start with a taster. Have the online learning event and follow-up with an activitiy or community builder. For example, scroll down the page at https://abasiel.wordpress.com/augmentedreality/ and share what you think about the meaning of (virtual) knowledge. Some really good examples already there. 

    Or - I also use the One Minute Essay. Have a look at https://youtu.be/sIivMlFE0FM

    This is a great way to promote (brief) reflection.

    Cheers, Anthony 

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  • Hi Jo, After a live session we will be excited a lot with the new connections made and try to recall the important points discussed and try to make a note of it. But for sure we may not remember everything that happened in the live session. 

    Think that if this was going to be your real routine. Sure it is going to be a stressful job.

     Here's something cool I want to share that can make all these virtual meetings fun - Check out Marsview Notes, it’s a personal meeting assistant that connects with your Zoom and automatically takes notes on your behalf, captures meeting summaries, and sends the meetings minutes right into the attendee’s inbox right after the event is over. You can check this here -> http://notes.marsview.ai"


    • Hey this is an interesting application. I will make sure to use this for my next live sessions.

  • I will surely be updating the list of people I met and make a note of various discussions made with the people.

    Sometimes because of the excitement, we have a chance of missing some important things. So it is better to note down the meeting notes at the earliest.


    • Great point Mike about forgetting things. So easily done if we don't make notes immediately after the meeting or training session. 

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