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What can drive you crazy when on a webinar!?!?

Hey everyone! I’m writing our next podcast and want to include a section about what can turn you off from a webinar! So what drives you crazy on them!? Drop a message below and let me also know if it is ok for us to quote you in the episode.


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  • Number 1 for me - 12-minutes in and still not got to the content or got me to interact in the session! <- And yes Mike you can quote yourself in the episode :D

  • When i'm forced to unmute and come on webcam to introduce myself at the start but then am never asked a question for the rest of the webinar.

    You can quote this but I would prefer you not to use my name thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment. We can just say a Community member said and not use your name.

    • Forcing me to use my webcam or leave the event.
    • Bad audio, several speakers talking at very different volumes (one very loud, another very now).
    • Dialog windows overlaying information on slides etc. (just happened to run across this in a webinar today).
    • Slides packed with text and moderators that read   e v e r y   line.
    • Slides packed with too much information (may it be text, visuals or both).
    • Distorted graphics on slides.
    • Bad color contrasts (f. e. red background, blue text etc.)
    • Monotonous voices trying to explain something.
    • Moderator explains that there's a chat, but that he/she won't check it.
    • Moderators check the chat but skip critical input even though there's enough time to deal with it.
    • Forcing you to use webcam or leave a WEBINAR is quite extreme! A virtual classroom I can understand (but not condone). That's got to go on the list! 

  • I tend to do a lot of networking and L&D online, and have observed many of the observations of other respondents.

    As a micro business owner, I'm often frustrated by the number of people, perched on the end of their bed in their 'vest and pants'', purporting to be an expert in brand, reputation, or marketing!

    Similarly, and as someone who has invested thousands in their own development, I occasionally feel cheated by those professing to deliver the same services as me, with little or no accreditation, education, or meaningful experience.

    Finally, the evident prejudice and discrimination against those employees working from home concerns me. Hybrid meeting rarely have the necessary technology (pan, tilt, and zoom cameras, and spider phones) to offer an inclusive working environment.

  • Thanks everyone! The podcast is live: Episode 48 – Making webinar presentations engaging

    Episode 48 – Making webinar presentations engaging
    In this episode… &nbsp; What makes a webinar bad and why Simple design changes with big impacts And, the need to engage the audience &nbsp; More in…
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