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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new open discussion forum, all about webinars, virtual classrooms and learning.

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Jo and Mike

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  • Hi All,

    I am Saurabh Sharma. I am a trainer since last 10 years and working with GSK. I am using WebEx training centre frequently for conducting VILTs for small groups with reasonably good results.

    I am interested in learning compelling ways to design and deliver sessions to engage participants more effectively to ensure a better retention of learning with excellnt learners experience.

    I would also like to learn the techniques for organising webinars for large (50-100) groups.


    Looking forward to share and learn here to gather new ideas and techniques for VILTs.


    • Hi there Saurabh, thanks so much for joining. Glad you are enjoying WebEx, it's a good system, and having success with small groups. That's a great place to learn your craft and expand it to larger groups! We look forward to your thoughts and sharing :D

  • Hi All


    I’m Lee Gibbons.  I am passionate about sports from a very young age. As a result I have dedicated my life to educating others. I have become a lecturer in colleges in wales. Recently leaving Coleg gwent, newport and Usk campus after 8 yrs. To go to another college at which I was educated myself 'Pembrokeshire college'.


    I possess a number of achievements and continue to succeed by establishing new business generating ideas, whilst consistently achieving targets.


    I have gained professional experience within varied practical and developmental roles. I believe that a mature, constructive and electric teaching approach and effective working relationships between staff and students are crucial to a responsive student attitude and a successful learning environment. I am now looking to make a continued significant contribution to the future development of education.


    I am a novice with regards to webinars. Although I have attended plenty and enjoyed them all.  I am enjoying being on this programme as I get to see what it is all about and learn from others.  Part of my role in my organisation is a Digital lead and I would like to see webinars as part of this and start to become the norm in teaching.  Thus giving all a different way of learning.

    • Hi Lee and welcome to the group! I love your dedication to education, it's such a great feeling isn't it! I'm really looking forward to you getting involved and you being the digital advocate for where you work, just let us know how we can help!

  • Hi all,

    I'm Toby Newman. I am originally from London but now live in The Netherlands. I have been a trainer for almost 20 years. and worked in virtual delivery for about 3 year. 

    My big passion at the moment is developing a Learning Culture and I love to create learning videos - you can see some of my stuff on my YouTube Channel where you can also see my TEDx Talk which I learned a lot from. 

    The Neverending Learner
    In this channel, I hope to give you some insights to some of the biggest topics of Learning & Development today but in a down-to-Earth way. -Toby New…
    • Hi Toby, love that you have joined us and bring your experience with you too! Looking forward to the discussions :D

      The Neverending Learner
      In this channel, I hope to give you some insights to some of the biggest topics of Learning & Development today but in a down-to-Earth way. -Toby New…
  • Hello!

    I am Sarah Stocks and I am a complete novice with regards to webinars. i have attended plenty and loved them (especially ones run by jo - as I would love to have her confidence and enthusiasm!)1499142166?profile=RESIZE_180x180 but to run one does scare me! I am so pleased to have the opportunity to be on this programme as I am hoping to learn off everyone and gain support (please tell me i am not alone!). My aim is to be able to run webinars with the same confidence I can run a face to face workshop!


    • Hey Sarah, so glad to have you on the open community and the CPD Series too! Don't worry, you absolutely are not the only one and everyone here will support you, just like you'll support everyone else's challenges too :D

      And thank you - I've built the confidence with lots of practice (and lots of things going wrong!).

  • Hello all

    I am an instructional Designer, recently certified as a TPMA trainer. I work for a large electronics firm. With that said, we are evolving from all classroom ILT to majority online live classroom training. I'm in intense learning mode after listening to a webinar and then a breakout session in a recent conference. I've accepted the responsibility for putting together WebEx interactivity training for our employees who facilitate. Very excited to find Jo's site (credits to Cara North for recommending it) and hoping to gather all sorts of great ideas.




    • Hi Adrianne, Thanks so much for joining us! Great that Cara put you in touch with us, she's a sweetheart! Really looking forward to your thoughts and plans going forwards!

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