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I really like a lot about WebEx Training Center. However one thing that is annoying is that they haven't updated to cope with PowerPoint animations in the last near-decade! 

I have PowerPoint 2013 on my computer and if I share the file into WebEx I get this warning:

This means that NONE of the animations made in PowerPoint will work, not even 'old' simple ones. This is hugely frustrating. I'm not sure why this is, other than I assume that Cisco just hasn't invested in WebEx to deal with this. 

One of the ways around this is to go back to splitting slides up to build them manually. It just feels wrong though and you end up with hundreds of slides. If you change something on one slide you can end up changing five or ten to keep them all the same. 

Another way around this is to have an older version of PowerPoint. If you are in a company with PowerPoint 2010 or earlier anyway, then this is a bonus for you! I have an old laptop that I only really use for being the attendee in my virtual classrooms/my backup presenting machine. On this computer I have PowerPoint 2010 and then load any WebEx session slides from there to enable my animations. It's an extra annoying and time consuming step, but it does preserve my design. 


But there's something else I've noticed, which worries me almost as much. 

This is a screengrab of a part of a slide from the PowerPoint 2010 upload:


And this is a screengrab of the same part of the same file, but from the PowerPoint 2013 machine upload:


The quality difference is awful to my eye! Scale this up to a whole presentation, and your hard-designed visuals become fuzzy less-than-professional immintations of what you wanted to see. Sad and frustrating. 

Have you noticed this? How do you get around it?

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