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Virtual training pet peeves?

When Adobe Connect ran a poll asking “What is your biggest pet peeve as a virtual trainer?” the results came in as:

  • Distracted audience (42%)
  • Participants joining late (18%)
  • Forgetting to mute/unmute (17%)
  • Other (23%)

I added my vote to ‘Other’ by citing ‘prep or pre-work not done’.  And that category also garnered gripes about ‘participants relying on chat and never speaking’, ‘not turning on video’, and ‘unwillingness to participate’.

Where would your vote have gone, and why? Go on, have a little vent here – you’re among friends!  

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  • Good shout Jo, definitely good to vent now and again!  

    Interesting to see participants joining late as 2nd highest...and personally, I can defintely relate to that one.  Given that virtual sessions eliminate the need to travel, it does feel as though the risk of delegates being late should be much lower!

    I know that tech issues may be a big part of the problem here in the virtual world, but there's plenty that delegates can do before joining to minimise those and help ensure they can join on time, ready to go...

    • Oh I do love a good vent! 

      I find it funny, because back when I learned about virtual classrooms initially, I skidded in just about on time and I must admit, skimmed the info about five minutes before the first session. Why? I was busy..... :D 

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