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Virtual classroom podcast is live!


Very, very proud and excited to tell you that the Lightbulb Moment Virtual Classroom podcast is live and kicking!

Michael is the host and I speak about the skills, tools and details that make great webinars, virtual classrooms and the professionals that run them. 

You can find the podcasts to play in your browser on our very own community site - in the resources section there's loads of materials that you might find useful, including the podcast

Alternatively, you can subscribe via your favourite app:

Please let us know your thoughts and feedback on any aspect of the podcast, either here or as a private message or email. Also please let us know your burning questions or topics we should cover, or people to interview who have good, or challenging, live online learning experiences!

Thanks to Michael for doing such a great job in driving this to launch, including all of the research, editing and loading on to the various podcast services - awesome job :D

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  • Hi Jo

    Thanks for this great new initiative, I love a podcast and for a while have been trying to find something good and engaging in the L&D space without much success but think I've found it now. I've had a little binge listen and really enjoyed. The two handed discussion is always a winner for me.

    We're at the start of our virtual journey and I've learnt some great points from failure to success but also some reassuring ones that I'm on the right course. I too have been in the wrong room - fortunately on a practise session!

    One of my anxiety areas is audio, historically we've had hideous techie issues with audio but this seem a little better now and I would like to encourage people and open up the mic but I've found my community are quite wary of speaking, great to have tips on encouraging learner engagement to use audio and it not be scary for them. Anything further on breakout rooms would be a bonus too.

    I'm subscribed, how often can we expect a new podcast?

    • Hi Felicity,

      Thank you SO MUCH! What lovely feedback and you've made me smile. It's brilliant to know that the hard work we put into things is useful :D And I love that you had a Netflix style binge listen!

      Fab that you have some more confidence around the success/failure point and I'm so pleased that you are on the right track. If there were nothing else you got from the podcast, the fact that you got that, I think is excellent. Long may your journey continue!

      Totally understand about the audio issues - they can be quite complex at times, both the technical elements for yourself and attendees, as well as the engagement design and managing those elements. I've put it on the list, a great idea to take a deep dive into, thank you!

      How often will the podcast come out... I think we are planning one a week for October, then a couple a month after that to get settled into a routine :D

      Thank you for your support and continuing feedback Felicity.

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