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Virtual Classroom Platforms

Hi all,

What type of virtual classroom platforms is everyone using? We currently use Adobe Connect and are looking for a platform with similar functionality/interactivity - breakout rooms, polling/whiteboard etc.

If you have any suggestions, that would be helpful.

Thanks :-)

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  •  Hi Sarah,

    Why the move away from Adobe Connect? Price? Download issues? Difficulty in learning?

    There's WebEx Training Centre, big in corporates, especially sectors where security is a big issue. However I struggle to recommend it due to the high cost, terrible customer service and lack of investment in the tool. However it's easy to use, has some nice features, including what you want. 

    There's also Zoom, which is a more modern alternative. Again it does what you want. It's easy to use and becoming really popular. I find it slightly clunky to use in longer virtual classrooms. Whilst it has whiteboard functionality I don't think it's as easy as Connect.

    I'm sure others will have their views too and I look forward to your thoughts :D

  • Hi Jo,

    We've had some connection issues with Adobe Connect in some of our regional offices so are researching alternatives. We've used Zoom with success, however I prefer the setup of the meeting rooms in Adobe Connect and the different options in terms of layouts/pods including how content can be pre-prepared and is 'always there'. Our virtual classrooms are usually 2 hours in length with between 2-4 sessions.

  • Hi Sarah,

    I have been a big fan of Adobe Connect for some years. However, with the platform changes last year plus the set up of my own business, I was prompted to do some more research. Now, for lightness of bandwidth, ease of use for the participant and the price...I have chosen Zoom and am very happy. Having said that, for those not used to running online LIVE training, I always found Adobe Connect to be the best "dashboard".

    Best wishes John


  • I am finding this to be a common question lately. I am a big fan of Adobe Connect because of the tools it provides to keep participants engaged. Layouts & the various polling pod options being some of the most important in my opinion; but with that being said, Adobe Connect can be finicky and unreliable at times.  I am curious to see if Adobe Connect 10 will provide more stability overall. It includes an HTML client so participants don't have to download or install anything, and it works with all of the most common browsers.

    There seems to be a big opportunity for competition in the virtual training platform marketplace. Most of the competitors seem more geared towards webinars or being more presentation centered.

    • Interesting points here and I agree about the webinar and meeting/presentation focus of platforms. I think they are quicker adn easier wins in terms of developing the systems and rolling it out. I think virtual classrooms are a smaller subset of the live online world. Interestingly when chatting with Alistair Lee from Adobe Connect, he said that they were focusing more on the VC area, which is good to hear :D

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