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Virtual classroom feedback


I'm interested to hear if anyone has any specific questions they ask in feedback/evaluation forms when conducting training in a virtual classroom? Do you think it's important to make a distinction in the questions you're asking or do you treat it the same as in-person training?



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  • Hi Ian, great question!

    I ask questions about the learning, the delivery, course, improvements and so on. I also ask questions similar to my pre-course questionnaire to make a comparison. These are all quite low level though and certainly don't show changes in behaviour or performance or impact on business goals. 

    It depends a bit of what the point is of asking. For instance if you are running a pilot then you might want to ask more about the information ahead of the session/course as well as the activities within it and people's reactions. When I piloted the CPD Series I asked questions like:

    • What did you think of XX section (from Awesome to Awful) along with text comments?
    • What did you think of the session length and pace? (Boring, dragged, enjoyed it etc, tick as many as apply)
    • What do we need to improve before we launch?
    • Would you recommend the CPD Series (100% yes, which delighted us!) along with comments?

    Do you have some specific courses, reasons for asking for the feedback, or is it more geneal?

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