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  • Hi Eveylyn,

    Why is that your inclination? 

    I use it quite a lot. I think it's a good idea to visually build things up, rather than showing everything at once. If you show it all, people will likely read rather than listen, which is probably not what you want. Also it can be too much on a slide and be cognitive overload. 

    I would keep it nice and simple - I just use the "fade" option for each line. 

    The other thing you could consider, it breaking up into separate slides so that there isn't too much information per slide. 

  • Hi Jo

    I fully take your point about building up learning and avoiding cognitive overload. The slides are visually stimulating and have minimal text so the presenter's explanation/analysis is essential to understanding.  The combination of the visuals, content and presenter's delivery style should hold the audience.

    I'm totally with you for breaking the content up onto separate slides.  "Content is King" and, where particularly regal, it should have prominence.


    I'm with you for breaking content up onto separate slides and a firm believer that "content is king" and should have 

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