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A common question we get is one about maintaining eye contact with the webcam when facilitating live online learning. Now Nvidia have their application that uses artificial intelligence in order to do that for you. Yes, you can look away, but the software edits your eye movement to still be looking down the lens at your audience. 


What's it good for?

Social connection and being able to check chat or your notes without people feeling you are ignoring them. 


What's it bad for?

Developing the skill yourself in the firstplace, and what deepfake is next?


This is still in beta, it's not yet been programmed for all of the different types of eyes, lighting and so on, but it's a really interesting development. 

Read more about this here:

And read about the Microsoft one too:


Over to you

What do you think: useful tool or scary use of technology?

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  • I'm very undecided on this.  The marketing makes it look really "normal", but I can only image the strange gliches that will occur with the eyes being forced to look a certain direction.  I guess I'll need to actually try it before passing judgement.

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