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Training in Microsoft Teams

I am a trainer that instructs the same couple of classes but my audience is always different. I am used to using Adobe Connect. Materials I find are about environments where the students say the same. Is there a way to set up a space that has my training materials, my questions, polls etc set and ready to go instead of typing and loading into a new meeting each time? Any ideas or resources are appreciated.

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  • Hi Sonya,

    Great question!

    Are you running these training sessions internally? In other words, are you in your own organisations's Teams? Or do you do this externally for other companies? That makes a huge difference!

    We have a Teams thread here, where there are some links to more of the stuff you are thinking about. 

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  • It is internal to our organization 

    • Thank you Jo! Is there away to teach from my power point but still see the chats? I don't want the presentation to be able to be accessed by the participants?

      • Hi Sonya, 

        My pleasure :D

        Have a look at this Community post to help you with seeing chat.

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    • In which case, your life just got easier! You can use channels (e.g. a Topic X Channel) to add your documents to, enable the Forms addin so that you can setup polls and so on. I haven't has as much experience with that as I'm always training externally, as a guest. There's plenty of good stuff on the web, YouTube and the Microsoft help pages that can give you different ideas of how that might work best for you :D 

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