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Hi all,

It has been a busy week for us as more and more organisations try to deal with current events concerning the Corona Virus.

I thought this could be a good place for everyone to provide some advice on how they are ensuring learning interventions still go ahead. Hopefully we can all get some tips from each other!



Zoom seems to be the platform of choice that many people we are speaking to are going for. It has some good features and generally costs less than the big players.

Depending on what you need it can have a low cost to entry and provide you an option to still keep some good quality interaction, engagement and friendly screen share options.

Zoom can also be quite quick to get setup and running, depending on the size of your organisation and requirements!

Setting expectations with a webinar

Something we often tell our clients even in the best of times let alone right now. Run a webinar or multiple webinars where you set the expectations of this new way of providing learning.

A short webinar with some basic engagement could be nice depending on the amount of attendees you are expecting. Explain some of the basic information, how interaction will work, logistics, answer questions in the chat.

Attendees and often facilitators starting this journey with something in their mind is always a good place to be in.

It helps remove the fear of the unknown and if they managed to connect to a short webinar and get their headphones working, join in the chat and get value from it. The leap to live online learning won't seem so big!

Attendees are forgiving

Again, this is something we tell our clients even in the best of times! Attendees are often far more forgiving of things going wrong in the live online learning environment. Often they expect some audio issues, a slide not to display etc.

With the current climate, and the essential move many have had to take with next to no planning, this leeway will be extended even more. If you run the setting expectations webinar also then you are in an even better place.

Your tips

These are some of my initial thoughts as we get to the end of a manic week for live online learning and the world in general.

I and everyone in the Community would love to hear your own tips and successes as we all strive to continue to offer fantastic learning interventions in the face of adversity.


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  • Mike great tips and thanks for putting this into a post to share. Your summary of Zoom is great. Zoom meetings offer a free account you can use for up to 40 minutes and the pro account is only £11.99 a month and includes all the virtual classroom features you would want. And, as you say, you are up and running within minutes of payment. 

    I love your point about people being forgiving. Especially in the changing and challenging times we are in right now people get it, this is new to most people and we are all grappling with lots of different stresses. They are going to cut you a break, so you can too :D

    My top tip is to have fun! Experiment with the tools a bit at a time, involve your attendees and colleagues to help you and you'll all learn more together, keep a connection and a bit of lightness when we all need it. 

    What are everyone elses tips that they can share?

  • I have found the screen share in Zoom so helpful! I hired two new staff members at the start of March. With everything that went on I got them working from home, but could still tech them technical things using the screen share, I love it!


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