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Hello everyone,

I am helping a client who are thinking about using webinars/virtual classrooms for the first time.  I thought this visual might help them to consider the different ways that you can use webinar/virtual classroom technology to support learning, as there are a wider range of ways than you might think.   

The grid is a prompt and the examples included are not the only possible approaches, but just some examples to get us thinking.   

I thought other people might find this of use and so I decided to share it here.   I would love some feedback on it.  

With good wishes, 




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  • Thanks Rachel that is a really good list! Loving the formal/informal and interaction divide.

    Defientely agree with what you have on the list especially formal with more interaction being a virtual instructor led virtual classroom training session!

    Another way to think about the overall message is this image snippet from our training course.

    We use to get people thinking about the amount of attendees they are looking to have in their session. How that can impact learning outcomes and change the style and format of the session, potentially from a virtual classroom to a webinar style.  


    • Yes, I like this.   Very much agree, Mike, how the size of a group can impact on the degree of interaction and therefore the effectiveness of the learning.  


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