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Cindy Huggett does a fabulous job every year asking people about how they use virtual training, and her latest research report has been released!

Highlights include that the most popular platform used by the 870 global responses was Zoom, no shock there but good to see the hunch confirmed. However a quarter of people wished they could use a different platform – are they just the ones using Teams or are we being a bit mean?

Use of webcams is up, certainly a trend we’ve seen and welcomed amongst facilitators and attendees alike. Nearly half of people use a producer, which is good news for smoother and more professional sessions, though a similar amount still wished that they had more buy-in and support from leaders in their organisation.

Have a look at Cindy’s infographic, let us know what you think and how similar, or different, your approach is to that of the research!

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  • It's quite intersting to see in "black and white" that it is a 9:1 ratio for design to online delivery.  


    I was 'brought up' on the idea of 3:1 for 'classroom' training (which incedently I never believed in or achieved!), but we know for good online delivery we need more, many many more slides, beautiful images, planned interactions every 3-5 minutes it's hardly a surprise - but how many of us L&D Leaders have factored that into our own department resoruce plans?

    A wake up for sure !

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