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Hi everyone,

What are your best tips to getting virtual sessions off to a great start?

Specifically I'm looking at Adobe Connect and thinking about 

- Lobby - best layout and sign posting 

- Slide with functionality dets - how to get audio working, microhone - basic navigation - anyone got a slide they would be willing to share?

- Icebreaker  getting people to interact with the tools available at the start to build confidence - again if anyone is willing to share ideas or slides would greatly appreciate it 



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  • Hi Mike,

    That is a great question! There is no easy answer and everyone's needs are different, it requires experiment to find what works for you. That being said, I have laid out below some of what we do.


    We always have a layout that focuses on one screen. On this screen we have a quick explanation of how to connect your audio, use your microphone if needed. We often have some instructions on how to use the basic tools such as raise hand and green tick.

    We have started to use a video for this screen but a single still PP slide or with animation can achieve the same thing.

    The main points:

    1. They are in the right place
    2. They can connect audio
    3. They can connect microphone and know how to use it
    4. They can see how to use basic tools 


    We try and use the same chat window, attendees box and main window size through the entire session. This allows people to get comfortable with what they have.

    Some activities this will change the layout but it will be quickly explained how things will now work and then after it will return to a normal layout.


    A quick whiteboard where you teach the tool that then transitions into another whiteboard where you get people to do something silly. Write your favourite movie quote, what you had for breakfast etc.

    It gets people using the tools and having fun.

    I hope this helps get you started with some ideas, only through doing will you realise what will make things better.



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