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Technical Induction on Teams

HI Everyone

I am running a programme on Teams and quite excited about it even.... I have my own email so can organise the meetings, folders resources etc.

The first session is the Technical Induction wheer I want to make sure people can:

  • See everything they need to and find relevant files/folders/channels
  • Adjust audio/video
  • Add stuff to MURAL and Lino
  • Use the chat function and find the chats in Teams after the online parts
  • Spot announcments and find where ther pre-work is
  • Watch the slides through Teams rather than me sharing the screen

Is there anything I have missed?

Also I want to make it light hearted at times and give people something to do while maybe some are having difficulties.... ideas for activities?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Krys,

    I'm a bit jealous - it's fab that your client has set you up within their team. That's absolutely the best way to do that if the IT/security issues aren't too much of an issue. What you should also be able to do in this case is use the whiteboard within Teams - you can't use this at the moment if you are a guest to a team.

    Mike has put together a post about the Teams notifications, so this might be one that your audience would like to change a setting on for the live sessions.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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  • Really useful thank you!

  • I'm keen to know how your getting on with these sessions Krys?

    • The feedback was great James - I under promised and over-delivered apparently. 

      Calling it the "Technical Induction" brought everyone in but they all had fun! Some people are actually attending some of the future events on days they are taking as holiday.

      I am blown away...

      • I'm not surprised it and you were awesome :D 

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