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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the virtual backgrounds in Teams. I'm using the desktop program on my windows computer.

When I go to change my virtual background I see loads of options but I'd like to add more of my own, but i am limited to about 20 or so. Because of the different projects and clients I work with I'd like to add more, but I can't see how to delete old ones or the standard ones I don't want to use.

Any advice please?

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  • It had been bugging me too, so here's what I found when I googled:

    1) Press the Windows key + R, copy/paste the following command, and press Enter.


    2) In this folder, you can view the images of the custom background


    I've tried it, and it worked for me.


    • I found the same thing Helen!

      I also found that you can do the same with this path:

      You'll get the standard Microsoft ones you can delete.
      If people are on a Mac this page might help with the paths
      There more on Teams backgrounds here
      And info and video on this page
      Thanks :D 
      We showed you how to (unofficially) set your own custom Teams background - here's how to do it on a…
      Here's how you can set your own custom image unofficially in Microsoft Teams on a Mac.
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