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Teams: Tips for sharing screen?


I'm due to deliver a presentation in Teams that involves a PowerPoint presentation and a demo in the software. It seems fairly straight forward to share the screen but I'm curious if anyone has any best practice or tips for being able to view the chat / participants and also my trainer's facilitator guide whilst screen sharing.

I have 2 monitors.

Many thanks,



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  • Good morning Jayne,

    Jo has a terribly good article about using PowerPoint in a window so you can also utilise chat at the same time. This is it -

    I hope it helps. I also found that investing in a bigger monitor very much enabled me to have more on my screen.


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  • I use software that allows to effectively create sections on my monitors. Like Windows screen snapping but I create as many different sections and sizes as I want.

    When I run or produce live online sessions I always use this. Dividing my main screen for the webinar and the facilitator guide, making sure the facilitator guide is as small a section as possible but still useable, this allows me more room for the platform where hopefully I can extend the chat window depending on the platform.

    My second screen i divide in 2 or 3 depending on the situation. Producer document, relevant webpages to share, email or common questions document ready.

    There are plenty of these screen customisation softwares out there, keep in mind though from what I have heard windows 11 is trying make a lot of this standard and might remove the need for an external application!

    • Thank you so much for sharing these super tips Bettie & Michael,
      I love that tip about PPT! So handy to be able to arrange the slideshow so it's not full screen.
      I wasn't aware of software to create sections so thanks for that Michael. I've tended to resize and position the tools around the screen. I'm curious to see what the software will enable me to do differently, something to look into, thank you.
      One thing I did have a challenge with was finding the chat after sharing a window in Teams, the Teams app shrunk down and there didn't seem to be an option to open the chat. I finally realised I just had to click in the minimsed Teams box and it reappeared. Every day is a learning day :-)

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