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Speech-to-Text (Dragon) and Adobe Connect

Hello all,

I'm hoping someone may have some additional insight regarding Adobe Connect's Accessibility. After reviewing the reports listed here (https://www.adobe.com/accessibility/compliance.html) it would seem that there are some issues with screen readers however not much detail for speech-to-text software. These were also published a year ago.

For context, we have a student joining our program with fall with very limited use of their hands so they will be utilizing Dragon Naturally Speaking to complete the program via our Online Campus which lives in Adobe Connect. We do have some mild concerns that there may be some issues but we remain optimistic.

Are there others who have successfully used Dragon or other speech-to-text software with Connect?

Thank you.


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  • Hi Cheiku, 

    Great question! Have you been able to test this yourself with Dragon software?

    Are you planning in your sessions that people will be able to speak on the microphone, and I assume your student is ok with this as they'll be using speech-to-text software?


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