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  • Hello Angela,

    What a very good question. This list are a few of my favourites. I do hope they help:


    How will I use what I've learned in the future?

    What did you learn and why does that matter?

    What’s the most important thing you learned today? And what benefit could that have for your performance?

    How are you going to apply what you've learned?



    • Thanks. really like the performance question!!

    • Great questions!

  • Hello Angela,

    Your question got me reflecting, so well done!

    Trying to keep the idea of learning in action, I ask:

    "What's 1 thing from this session you can put into practice tomorrow moring?"

    Looking forwrd to other ideas from this community.


    • glad it did Joel!! Thanks, i like your immediacy of the tomorrow morning bit.

  • I've been on a course recently where they ask:

    • What's one thing you've learned?
    • Give me one thing you'll take into practice?
    • What is one question you still have?

    The last one definitely gets you thinking.



    • nice one on the question you still have. thanks Helen.

  • When running a course made up of multiple modules, I have a reflection page/slide at the end of each module which covers:
    What have you learnt from the module?

    Why is it important to you?

    What specifically will you implement from today and by when?

    Accountability partner?  This one is optional but I have found that participants will often be compelled to implement their chosen action if they have an accountability partner, and they often continue reflecting on their progress after the programme with their accountability partner.

    • The accountability partner is a great idea. espcially on a longer course like u mention. thanks Mel, I'll really think about that one!!

  • HI Angela. I have come to realise that reflection is super-important. All the questions below are so good. If trainees are with me for more than one session I often start with an activity where they throw a digital ball around the screen to each other (and I insist they mime throwing and catching!)  - on catching they talk about one thing that has stayed with them from a previous session. It helps with establishing a thread between sessions and also warming up.... 

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