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Hi all,

I ran a session last week, piloting our new CPD Series, and I noticed that a lot of the basic, standard animations I used in my uploaded PowerPoint slides weren't working properly. Some of these are slide decks I've used for a while, so I know it's not something different I've done in the animation. 

Some of it was weird were part of the animation wouldn't show up for others when I clicked (though I could see it). In other instances the animation step wouldn't work, but when I loaded the next animation step, both showed up! It makes quite a negative impact when I'm building my story or learning point. 

Has anyone else had this issue on Adobe Connect recently?


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  • Hey Jo,

    There was an animation bug introduced in 10.1 that I'm guessing was the cause of this. Animations would be 1-click behind on participants machines. I'm happy to report that was fixed with a 10.1.1 patch that went out to all customers on January 24th.

    Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues.

    BUG fixes in Adobe connect 10.1.1
    Adobe Connect Blog
    • Thank you - all been working perfectly. I really appreciate you letting me know and apologies for the late reply!

  •  I don't think my issue is related but I haven't been able to find any good info nor a resolution so I thought I'd try here.  (Thanks for your consideration!) 

    I have a PowerPoint 350 (Windows 10) file that I can not get to upload for the life of me.  I've tried: 

    * compressing the file size

    * removing unused fonts (no only a few Roboto family fonts remain)

    * removing videos


    Any other suggestions that might help? 



    • Hi Mike, 

      You are always welcome!

      Is it a PowerPoint 365 document? What is the file extension?

      How big is the file?

      Have you updated your application to Connect 11.2?

      • Hi, Jo! Thanks for jumping in so quickly.

        Yes, it is a PowerPoint 365 file. I've tried uploading it with both .pptx and .ppt extensions.

        It is 100MB and my application says it is up-to-date. 

        • And I assume you are getting the "conversion error" message?

          100mb it SHOULD cope with, but it could be an issue. 

          You could try splitting the file in two and seeing if that helps. 

          If you want to email it to me (or Dropbox or whatever) I can take a quick look and try in my Connect if you want :D 

  • Aha! Jo you are the best!! When I split it up it went right in.  Fortunately, I've got a couple natural break points when we switch to videos that will let this "split" approach work like a charm. 

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! 

    • Fabulous!! 

    • things to be aware of / that cause issues 
      - dont have objects / images that are off the stage (slide) 

      - background images on slide masters often cause issues, especially when created using google slides

      - grouping multple text fields (espewcially if they containa hyperlink) can cause issues

      - avoid having jpgs / pngs that are outside of the slide page margings


      • Sometimes these computer things can be rather persnickety can't they?! 8-)

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