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Hi all,

I ran a session last week, piloting our new CPD Series, and I noticed that a lot of the basic, standard animations I used in my uploaded PowerPoint slides weren't working properly. Some of these are slide decks I've used for a while, so I know it's not something different I've done in the animation. 

Some of it was weird were part of the animation wouldn't show up for others when I clicked (though I could see it). In other instances the animation step wouldn't work, but when I loaded the next animation step, both showed up! It makes quite a negative impact when I'm building my story or learning point. 

Has anyone else had this issue on Adobe Connect recently?


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  • Hey Jo,

    There was an animation bug introduced in 10.1 that I'm guessing was the cause of this. Animations would be 1-click behind on participants machines. I'm happy to report that was fixed with a 10.1.1 patch that went out to all customers on January 24th. 


    Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues.

    BUG fixes in Adobe connect 10.1.1
    Adobe Connect Blog
    • Thank you - all been working perfectly. I really appreciate you letting me know and apologies for the late reply!

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