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Problems with Adobe Connect Standard View

Hi all

We are having problems today with AC Standard view - ie browser view.  With animated slide Adobe is loading the first animation and then skipping the rest and showing the next slide. To get to see the full slide we had to backtrack from this overshoot. Luckily I was able to log in as a cohost using the App and I could control the slides from there.

Has anyone else had this issue with the standard view?

Many thanks,


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  • Oh no, that's not good. I keep hearing of the challenges Connect is having at the moment. Do you have the latest version of the app, perhaps that might help?

    • Thanks Jo, I had a reply from Alistair Lee no less: he says:

      There is a known issue which results in this behaviour caused by having some attendees using Standard view and others using Classic view. I’m happy to report that this issue is resolved in Adobe Connect 11.2 which is being rolled out this month. If you’re in the UK, your account will likely be updated on February 20th.


      and this from - Adobe Enterprise Support <>:

      We have already a bug logged for this issue which is going to be fixed in version 11.2. The 11.2 upgrade is going to happen in this month and you check your upgrade date through below link.

      • The famous Alistair Lee! :D

        Excellent news on the fix coming soon! Thanks for sharing Liz!

  • no, thats a new one.

    So, the file worked ok when using the app, but, not when using the browser?  Was it all flavours of browser or a specific one like Chrome, Edge, Safari?

    Did you have a mixed session (ie some people using Classic view and others standard view?)

    • ah, after typing my reply I then saw your reply :-)   this web site is strange sometimes.

This reply was deleted.

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