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Privacy concerns

Hi all,


I work in higher education and I'm seeing more and more screenshots of virtual classrooms with student's names and faces in them being shared via social media. Do you have any tips/guidance on building out a privacy strategy for the university about this? 

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  • Hi Cara,

    We have recently worked with a client and they were using Zoom to run sessions.

    They managed to insert a pop-up message at the start of the sessions that stated the session was being recorded and they needed to click ok to accept this. If they did not click ok they were kicked out the session.

    If they did click ok they got to stay in the session and it the answer that was submitted was recorded for GDPR reasons.

    In this case, each student had a registration that had to be used to enter sessions, the answer they slected was then recorded on some kind of user management system.

    It might be a good place to start thinking about and I am sure you can do similiar in Adobe Connect, Webex and others. 

    • But doesn't that then exclude people. In a F2F situation, they would still be able to take part but just have to sit in an area out of shot or have their faces blurred etc. Shouldn't there be a way that anyone could take part but just opt out of your face/name being shown. Is there no option of joining anonymously/alias even with registrations.

      • Hi Zahra,

        Yes that is an interesting point. I guess with GDPR many organisations would rather not take the risk.

        In Zoom the recording does not display the chat panel. Text the attendee puts in the chat will therefore not be in the recording. If the facilitator reads out the text including the name of the attendee that will then be on the recording though.

        Within the organisation you could allow attendees to join using an alias. I would think there would then need to be someway of tracking who has actually attended the session and that the correct people are attending. It could be done and still allow users to attend whilst using an alias.

        It is a tricky area and in my experience, organisations generally use a wide net that catches all, it is down to the attendees to stay or go.

        I hope this helps.

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