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Pre Workshop Instructions

Morning I will be starting a series of Virtual Workshops next month on MS Teams. I would like to send a pre event message to help with the etiquettes and expectations of the attendees. Can anybody advise on the best practise in this communication or if you have a real xample that I can see even better Thankyou 

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  • Hi Salim,

    Sounds great that you want to do that! We have a few pages on our blog setup with information. Here's our Zoom one as an example

    We also send an email with pre-work, a link to the above, and other specific things too. 

    What about everyone else?

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  • Thanks Jo Brilliant you rock My development programme will run for 8 month I feel. It is important to have a consistency from day 1 I am running a pre launch Digital Masterclass to allow my Cohort to try out the tools and improve their confidence 

  • Hey everyone, I send out a 2 minute video which provides the good advice to the get the most from a session and also a quick overview of Zoom. You can find it here


    • Great work I will try and recreate it. Easy to follow with clear instructions Thankyou for sharing 

      • Welcome! I create them for clients so if I can help out just let me know.

        • Hello Erica


          If you have an example script with visuals for MS Teams that would be appreciated

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