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Practical session- your ideas

Hi everyone,

I need some help.

I am developing a train the trainer programme for a group of learners. We are taking a blended approach with a mix of online resources, practical activities and virtual classrooms.

I am just scoping out the final session where I want them to bring together what they have learnt to deliver a short training session. My challenge is how I do this effectively in a virtual classroom session. I have considered some other ideas such as getting them to film and upload their session

Ay ideas would be really appreciated.


Many thanks


Anita Page

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  • Hi - is this train the training in training, or a specific programme that they will be delivering internally/to clients? Will they be delivering virtually at all - as all those factors might change your last session. 

    • Hi Jo,

      Yes a train the trainer in training- they will then go on to deliver sessions that they are SME's in. The sessions they deliver will be face to face.

      In an ideal world I would do this bit in a training room with them, but that isn't feesible this time round.

      • In that case, filming a session might be best. Especially if you are assessing them, giving them feedback or getting the rest of the cohort involved in feedback. 

        If that's not possible, as there are a number of factors involved in that, you could perhaps ask people to do a presentation that includes parts of their lesson plan, slides, any other materials and how they plan to present them, get people involved, check learning and deal with challenges. Then you can all discuss that as a group. 

        I'm sure others will have more ideas too!

        • Thanks Jo- yes talking it through is certainly an option but feels quite safe. I think there is a lot of learning in preparing to and delivering training, especially if you haven't done it before.

          Really appreciate your ideas though. It is great to have this community to bounce some ideas around with.

          • I think if this is new to people, then talking through the plans and prep will be valuable, as each person will come up with something that others hadn't thought of, and you can debrief about what particular skills/theories are being applied from the training. 

            You are right it is safe, which could be good for people at this stage. Perhaps the "preparing for challenges" is a part you could make more challenging. You could ask perhaps each person to prepare for how would they deal with a different scenario, such as the talkative attendee trying to show how much more they know than you. Then you could be really mean and ask them to help another person with that, and the other person coaches them with the scenario they were given. 

            Depends a lot on time and all sorts, but just another idea to consider :D

            • Lovely ideas- thanks Jo

  • Hi Anita,

    I'm training trainers as well, and the final practice session is - well, a short practice session (10 to 20 minutes for each trainer, depending on the group's size). The trainers have to hand in their plans, and we discuss them prior to the practice session. The session itself takes place in the training group with the other trainers as participants. 

    Those sessions have been a huge success especially since the participating trainers always learn a lot from their colleagues and are more than happy to give feedback and share how they felt. Due to the fact that it's a kind of playground the trainers are happy to experiment and test new things to find out whether they work or not.

    IMHO all trainers need such "playgrounds" from time to time to experiment and let their creativity run freely ;).



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