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Pictures, text on slides and narration - research

How should we use text on our slides and images to help people learn? How much text should be on the slide and what should we say in a live session?

Learning Science Weekly shared about research on just this topic, highlighting that:

"Research supports keeping text close to images,
keeping text a minimum when possible,
and narrating rather than utilizing heavy printed text."

How do you design your slides for virtual classrooms and webinars?

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  • The book 'Presentation Zen' by Garr Reynolds transformed the way I think about and design slides and closely aligns to best practice in live online training

    • Great reminder Duncan, a really good book to learn all those best practice points about slide design! 

      More info is on the Presentation Zen website

      Presentation Zen
      Presentation Zen blog by best-selling author Prof. Garr Reynolds. Learn how to prepare, design, & deliver a winning presentation, TED talk, conferenc…
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