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Organising your work space?

I had a really good question this week: "How do you organise your work space?"

I think that this relates to two main areas - the screen and the physical desk space and what you have when delivering any of your live online sessions. 

Also part of this I think can be how many (and how big) your monitors are and what second computer/device you use. 

This might make a great blog of podcast to share all sorts of ideas and considerations for people when they are delivering different types of sessions with their own setup. 

What is your setup and why?

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  • Laptop connected to a Dell 34 inch ultra wide monitor, HD webcam, usb microphone, wireless keyboard and mouse.

    I like the larger monitor because it can be set up with multiple windows -  virtual training window, materials window, etc.


    • Hi Bryan,

      Loving that setup! I've got a similar size monitor and I love it, so awesome for all the different things on screen. 

      How do you find the wireless kb/mouse? I've had issues in the past with reliability, which I don't want to chance in a live session. 

      And how do you split up the screen - notes one side, live session the other or something else?

      • My Dell monitor allows for different window frame configurations. I like my virtual room on the left in a two thirds configuration with my notes, chat or other behind the scenes tools in two windows in the last third. 

        No issues with my wireless keyboard or mouse. Mine connect with a USB adapter vs BT and has been very reliable. 2782176441?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • Loving it, thanks for sharing Bryan!

          • Here is my current set up.


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