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Can anyone help? I have been producing for a client and this was the scenario today and yesterday: Adobe 11, 16 participants all with webcams on and all in via the App in standard view. I am in the App via Chrome. Adobe crashed a total of 16 times, 10 times today and always when we came back from breakouts and also at other random times.  If it crashed during breakouts participants were restored to breakouts once I had allowed them back in. Also content in pods was periodically flagged as 'unsupported content' and not visible.  The fix was to reload the content but this fix did not hold for all users. Any ideas?

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  • I don't know if Craig Sybert is in this community but he is my goto guy for all things technical about Adobe Connect.

    • thank you Brent.  If Craig doesn't mind could you put us in touch?  I am on

  • that sounds awful.

    Have you called Adobe Connect telephone support?

    UK 0 800 121 6598 (800 800 23623) 020 7365 0735
    Adobe Connect Support phone numbers
    List of support phone numbers for Adobe Connect, by region
    • James thanks for the contacts. I will pass these onto my client in case they do not have them.

  • Hi Liz,

    can you specify which subversion of Adobe Connect 11 you are on? Adobe Connect 11.2 brought more stability, our actual version is 11.2.1. And which app version did you and your participants use? Older app versions create instability situations when used with the newest AC version. The newest app versions are found at

    And do you have by any chance your log file from that session still available on your computer? It's located in the documents folder on Windows. Usually it's replaced by the newest log, so the chances are probably slim ... 

    Best regards,

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    • Thank you Susanne. I am on 11.2.1 and upgrading in mid May to 11.2.2. I have found a log file. What am I looking for in it?

      • it's pretty technical stuff, it requires an understanding of what is normal and how the various pieces of tech (that Connect is comprised of) hang together.  

        I would suggest getting it into the hands of Adobe Connect support so that they can work out for you what the problem area was.   

        • thank you James

      • Hi Liz,

        just like James said - the AC support often asks for those log files to find out what happened and why. They also need the URL of the room and the timeframe, during which you and your participants encountered the problems. And the version of the AC app is helpful, too.

        Best regards,

        • Thank you Susanne

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