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  • Hi Angela,

    Sorry you aren't well! Me neither, similar situation. 

    Tips for when you have to deliver - it's hot drinks all the way. Whilst I'm a fan of coffee, I do have it dairy free as that can cause mucus (lovely, I know) and also sugar free as that can coat the throat. 

    Better options are herbal tea drinks. I especially like variations on the throat comfort teas as they really do hit the spot on the throat - but any herbal tea I think would help. 

    Also water, obviously. I find I drink a lot when I'm delivering live online, and more so at this point in time. It's literally a sip or two every time I pause. 

    If you have any co-facilitator or producer, getting them to help where possible is good. I was coughing the other day and Mike, as my producer, was able to take over read out the chat. 

    If you don't have that, you can of course just tell your participants your challenge and that if you go silent you are having a cough. I do usually downplay my symptoms though as no one wants a sob story!

    Get well soon :D

  • Hello Angela,

    I do hope you are fully recovered now.

    I listened to this recording about Voice Over work and how to do this well. There are some good tips in there. Also the lady coveres looking after your voice.

    Skip to 15.5 minutes into the recording, as it's a lot of introduction fluff you can come back to if you want to know more about the speaker.


    Learning Design Summit
    A talk by Daree Allen Nieves
  • Warm drinks are better for a sore throat but, if you prefer something chilled, apple juice is a good choice as it has a honey-like coating effect, as opposed to citrus that is harsh and can irritate your throat further.

    And as Jo said, avoid anything with dairy, as it causes more respiratory issues.

    Also, even if you don't normally, use a microphone as you can turn up the mic volume and turn down your voice volume. Use the tech to give your voice a break.

    • Hi Helen, I love the point about the microphone volume for saving your voice, great point, thank you! 

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