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Live online learning Q&A! Thursday 2nd April 4pm BST

  • Do you have questions about how to get into live online learning?


  • Not sure if your webinar is interactive enough, or you are using the right tools for your virtual classroom?


Join Michael, myself and anyone else who's currently grappling with live online learning in this Q&A session!

We are offering this session for free, in Zoom. There's no content delivery planned, just come along and get involved in the chat, share your thoughts, challenges, successes and more!


Register and feel free to share with anyone you think will get value from it.


If you have any specific questions you'd like answered, let us know by commenting below and we'll address those first!



This is the recording to the first session: https://youtu.be/zOKTrD2kS6Q


And this is the chat (which doesn't get recorded in Zoom): chat.txt

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  • Hello Jo,

    What a wonderful idea, thank you so much. Sadly I will not make the live questions, but her is mine:

    I have a client who would like to convert a one day face to face training course into a one day virtual classroom. Is that a good idea?

    Thank you so much,

  • Hi Jo & Michael

    I've only just started researching the possibility of whether I can deliver online/virtual learning so apologies if these are really basic questions. 

    There's clearly lots of different platforms/applications/tools that can be used and I'm finding it a bit of a minefield to work out which one does what.  I currently only deliver face to face training which can range from anything from 0.5 day to 5 days, so my questions are:

    What platform/applications/tools should I be looking at first when considering the transition from face to face training to live online learning for the first time.  I would want to be able to share my screen and also see and hear everyone so that we can all discuss key points.

    What top tips do you have for translating course content that would normally be covered by a group activity/exercise etc.

    What are the main pitfalls to avoid as a novice!



    • Hi Jackie,

      Hope the session helped, they were great questions a lot of people struggle with!

      • Thanks Jo! 

        I'm joining you again tomorrow and as I may have a 'virtual classroom' session to run at the end of this month which is intended to replace my normal 1-day face to face course I would appreciate some feedback and pointers on where I've got to in my thinking so far. 

        As it will be my first ever session my intention is to keep it very simple and deliver a 90 minute live webinar using slides to cover the knowledge element and finish with specific action points for the delegates to do which is effectively apply their learning to their own project.  I would then follow it up with a 90 minute Q&A to discuss how everyone got on with their actions.  To say I'm terrified at it all going wrong is putting it mildly! 



        • Hi Jackie,

          Understand the terror!! Keeping it simple is absolutely the way to go, good approach on that one. 

          So is that 90 minute session one day, and another day another 90 minute session?

          And in the first 90 minute session do you have time for questions in there at all?

          We look forward to seeing you in the morning - if you have specific questions you can drop them into this message here: https://lightbulbmoment.community/groups/opencommunity/forum/live-o...

          Live online learning Q&A! Thursday 9th April 10am BST
          Join Michael, myself and anyone else who's currently grappling with live online learning in this Q&A session! We are offering this session for free,…
          • Ah, I realise I've posted this in the wrong place - apologies.  This is my question for today's session so thank you for replying in advance!!

            • Gotcha!

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