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  • Hey Jo,


    Bit late to the party with this but here's some issues from my experience:

    • Pre-uploaded documents not in a format that most people would be able to open (eg a .pages document when your participants are using Windows)
    • Recording features on presenter's computer hogging resources and affecting the delivery


    Strangest one that happened to me was yesterday: Presenter stopped sharing screen over the course of the 10 min break we took. When he came back to his screen, it looked like he had dropped from the session (name missing from the attendee list) was actually still connected and could talk over the VoIP connection!


    Was an esay fix (closed and re-joined session) but was definately a first for me!

    • Hi Paul, 

      Ah the recording/computer run time issue is an interesting one. What platform is that with where you've noticed it?

      And how weird about the lost connection! I know that there are different communication ports (from a firewall perspective) used for VOIP and the visuals, maybe it was some weirdness to do with that!?

  • Lost connectivity by facilitator or participant

    Platform freezes

    Not having a producer / co-facilitator when things go wrong

    Loading wrong materials or materials that are not updated

    • Yup, good list! The platform freezing or connectivity I think I find most frustrating as I can't fix them!

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