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Hi All.

A colleague of mine is delivering an event using Teams Live Event. I've never used it, but seems it's purely a broadcast with Q&A.

Other than the usual tips of creating an engaging presentation (eye contact, voice, visuals, multiple presenters, panel discussions etc) or using a third party app like Kahoot, does anyone have any creative suggestions for spicing up this kind of session?



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  • You've used all my tips!! I was definitley going to add Kahoort/Padlet/Mentimeter or something. I like Mentimeter for this kind of event as you can vary the interaction, word clouds, lists of things scrolling on the screen and some newer optiosn too. 

    I think a key thing is to answer questions as they come in, as usually they are relevant to what's been said or someone wants to understand in order to build their learning. 

    I'm interested to know what others thing too!

    • Thanks Jo.
      Totally agree, mobile tech is a huge life saver.

      The other thing I've done recently is to "beam in" a suprise presenter (maybe a customer, a supplier, or someone from an exoctic location, or arrange a virtual tour of somewhere relevant to the audience (I've arranged virtual tours of an oil rig in the North Sea, a prison and an american football stadium recently).

      Sadly I think none of the above apply to my colleague's case so keen to hear other thoughts too!


      PS maybe the lesson here is not to agree to run a 90 minute 1-way presentation for 1000 people using Microsoft Teams Live :-)

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