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Hi Lightbulbers -  I'd really like your opinion on the attached infographic. I'm finding that a number of trainers I talk to have what I think of as an unrealistic expectation of verbal engagement in a remote classroom. I was wondering if this might help. Could you let me know if a) you think it's accurate in your experience and b) is it useful? Thanks! Cath Presentation eng.pptx

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  • I really love this question, and your engagement slide considering how much you verbal interaction you might get!

    I think there are two other elements to also consider:

    1) How you setup the session, including contracting or ground rules and how you get interaction, especially verbal, from the moment people login through to the beginning of your session. 

    2) Our own personality and how we approach inviting people and facilitating that conversation. 

    I'd love to know some of thoughts of other Lightbulbers :D 

    • Yes definitely agree with those

  • Great question, great slide to start the thinking and a great response from Jo with more points to think on. Continuing that theme it's also worth considering the practical - what devices are people using, how easy is verbal (or other interaction), what else are they dealing with?
    I've had people join sessions using their mobile while babysitting, they were incredibly engaged but we had to be mindful of giving time for them to respond. And yes we did say hello to little one too!

    • You're right that we need to think of the distractions! Good points

  • Hi Cath, I think this is a really interesting one. 

    I think your PPT provides a really good 'rule of thumb', in addition to Jo's and Kevin's points I think other variables may also impact though such as the learners' confidence with the subject matter, how far out of their comfort zone are they, is any of the content emotive.  Also, are sessions being recorded?  I don't have anything to back this up but do wonder if people are slightly more guarded in that scenario

    On a side note, it would be interesting to know what is behind the trainers' expectations re verbal engagement.  e.g. are these coming off the back of comparisons with the level they have experienced in the past from F2F sessions in the physical classroom?  If so, is there an opportunity encourage trainers to step back and consider engagement more generally, evidenced by all interaction rather than just focusing on verbal interaction?

    • Hi Duncan - that was behind it all really, to encourage trainers to realise that just becuase people aren't speaking up doesn't mean lack of engagement. thanks!

    • Really good point Duncan about the expectations of the trainer. As we know some people prefer a more lecture approach (which can be good or bad) and therefore have lower expectations. 

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