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Hi Jo,

I'm planning on using a whiteboard in Adobe Connect to crowdsource ideas from participants.

I'm expecting lots of responses and wondered if you had any hints or tips to prevent the whiteboard from becoming a jumbled mess of text/ideas as in my experience most people tend to type on top of one another!!!



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  • Interesting one. We now use a whiteboard at the end of each session to bring in ideas and next steps and it seems to work okay for us, at least for our numbers. If you have mass participation I can see the problem. Good ideas there from Jo. Just out of interest, has anyone tried linking out to something like mentimeter? How could you best link to an external site using a virtual classroom platform? 

  • Hey Craig. Have you run this session yet? If so, what did you end up doing and how did it go?

  • Depending on the responses, Connect also has a Word Cloud app that could work for single word answers or you can use Up Vote where you can use a short answer poll then have everyone vote on the ideas they like the best. 

  • Hi Craig.

    Adding to Jo's point about not using a whiteboard, one option is to create a layout with various chat pods customised to ask slightly different questions around the brainstorming topic. They needn't respond to all, of course.

    Or have you considered using breakout rooms with whiteboards, to spread the load a bit?

    One word of warning - I once ran a virtual "end of term summer party" for a group of sixth formers. (Yeah, I know, what on earth possesed me :-).  They added so much content that Adobe Connect couldn't cope.  It just froze.  They were drawing lots as well as adding text, and it was a couple of years ago now.




    • Breakout rooms can be really good, I often think of only using them when attendees have something tangible to work on. 

      I really like your idea of Paul of getting the mini brainstorm sessions and then potentially collating them into one whiteboard with the most relevant information.

      On the Adobe freezing comment, we once had four breakout rooms and I had the great idea of bringing mini windows of all four breakout whiteboards onto the same window for all to see........

      7 Minutes later when Adobe caught up the session continued.......... Cross fingers for the Adobe update coming soon! 

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