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Hi! I've produced on seeral platforms but am relativeky new to Zoom. I'm sure I'll be asking some dumb questions, and wanted to thank you in advance for being patient with a newby :-)

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  • Hi Shanna and welcome! There are no dumb questions, only ones we don't ask :D

    Lovely to have you here and we all look forward to your questions and contributions!

  • Welcome Shanna! Great to have you with us :-)

    As Jo has said, all questions are welcome!

    As you are a fellow Producer like myself feel free to ask any questions. 

    This link is also all about Producing and you might find it helpful to get you started -

    Producing webinars and virtual classroom sessions
    Hi all, I've got a document here about the different types of producer roles you might be involved with over the coming weeks: Click here to download…
  • Thanks for the warm welcome! I've been producing for a few years now, but am new to Zoom. I use webinars,) not meetings. I'm so glad I found this group :-)


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